AK-47 Ammo Found In Fresh Searches

 January 12 2016 at 6:10   274    AK-47 Ammo Searche Pathankot Mobile Air Force

AK-47 Ammo Found In Fresh Searches

A mobile phone, AK-47 ammo and a pair of binoculars have been found in fresh searches at the Pathankot Air Force base on Monday by the National Investigation Agency or NIA over a week after the terror attack on January 2.

Here are the top 10 developments in this big story:

1.A 10-member NIA team searched the Pathankot base where seven military personnel were martyred and 20 were injured after terrorists crossed the border and launched a massive attack.

2.India has asked for Interpol black notices to help identify the bodies of six terrorists who were killed in an intense three-day operation.
3.A black notice is issued to circulate information about bodies of persons who are believed to have used false identities.

4.India says the terror attack was orchestrated by Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed.

5.Indian investigators are looking into how the terrorists were able to sneak in such a large cache of weapons into the heavily-guarded strategic base.

6.The terrorists were carrying AK-47 rifles, modified Under Grenade Barrel Launchers, pistols, Swiss and commando knives, and 40-50 kg of bullets.

7.New Delhi has indicated to Pakistan that crucial talks between the Foreign Secretaries of both countries are unlikely to go ahead unless Pakistan delivers "prompt and decisive action" on the evidence it has given.

8.The evidence includes intercepts of phone calls made by the terrorists to their handlers in Pakistan.

9.Pakistani officials have said that a key component of the evidence supplied by India doesn't check out - the numbers that the six attackers called in the hours before opening fire at Pathankot are not registered in Pakistan, sources said.

10.In a demonstration of its intent to help India, Pakistan reportedly made up to five arrests today, though the government there has not released any information on the identity of the suspects. 

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