Liquor gets cheaper than water

 August 12 2015 at 9:47   404    Liquor Telangana Government Cheap liquor

Liquor gets cheaper than water

In order to curb gudumba in the state, the Telangana Government has reduced the prices of cheap liquor. Very soon, a bottle of cheap liquor will become cheaper than a bottle of water in the state.

As per the new rates, a bottle of cheap liquor will be made available for Rs 15. The Government is now selling the cheap liquor between Rs 60 to 80  but the gudumba sachets are available for Rs 10 and 20. With an aim to cut the number of people consuming gudumba, the Government has decided to introduce cheap liquor, said an official from Excise Department.

Several people are dying every day after consuming gudumba. "With this initiative, gudumba sale will be completely eradicated. Those who want to buy gudumba from October onwards will prefer cheap liquor as it is cheaper than a water bottle," the Excise official added.

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