Maoists warn AP CM !!

 December 28 2015 at 15:46   195    Maoists Warn Chandrababu AP CM Call Money scam TDP

Maoists warn AP CM !!

The Chandrababu Naidu government is going to great lengths to protect the Call Money racket accused, Maoists declared in an open letter aimed at the authorities. 

If the government failed to do its duty as regards the accused, the Maoists would settle the cases in Praja Courts, the letter warned. 

The government was doing all kinds of tricks to protect the ruling TDP MLAs and MLCs involved in the racket, the letter said. The aim of the government was to put the Call Money probe on the backburner, the ultras said. It was in this context that the Chandrababu government had removed women from Anganwadi service to divert the attention, they added. 

The Maoists called the people, political parties and women's organisations to continue their struggle till the Call Money racketeers were punished.

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