Power Star Pawan Kalyan to meet UK NRI’s

 May 11 2016 at 17:52   479    London NRI Pawan Kalyan United Kingdom Telugu Association UK

Power Star Pawan Kalyan to meet UK NRI’s

Our Telugu people are situated all over the world. They are formed into communities and celebrate the occasions in style. Likewise, we have United Kingdom Telugu Association at London. 

Commencing the sixth anniversary of the association, the community members have planned to celebrate it grandly on 9th of July. The buzz is that they have invited Power Star Pawan Kalyan to attend the celebrations as a chief guest. The news has been confirmed by the association members on their social media page. The event will proceed from 5pm to 11pm on 9th of July.

Along with Power Star Pawan Kalyan, many other film personalities including singers, actors, comedians and musicians were also invited to the event. For more details about the event and for tickets booking, you can visit the website www.uktas.org.uk Looks like this is the first ever function that Pawan Kalyan is attending in abroad.

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